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Quitting Smoking
Quitting Drinking (alcohol)
Quitting Caffeine
Quitting sugar products
Quitting fat products
Quitting recreational drugs
Quitting medication drugs
Quitting sex

All these behaviours stem from a similar source, namely and addiction to a drug. We classify human hormones, even though they may be naturally secreted, as drugs when driven to excess by daily behaviours. One might argue that one cannot get optimal health without dealing with all of the behaviours listed especially if they were daily habit forming behaviours. Recreational drugs, medication drugs, and sex highs that are required excessively, should be handled by health care professionals specially trained in the needs of that issue.

The other behaviours are often tackled by people on their own with varying levels of success. It may be argued that alcohol should also be dealt with by health care professionals specially trained in addictive behaviours and we would hold to that opinion. Nevertheless, many people attempt behaviour modification on their own with alcohol.

The foods, and smoking addictive behaviours, are often addressed by people attempting cessation on their own. It is to this end that we will discuss a particular tactic that you may not have considered in the past, and may not know about, namely food and the Pain Relief Diet.

Food has some specific peculiarities about it. Every time one eats something the immune system is forced into motion. It is not well recognised that some foods are not good for many people, but science has described several nutritional deficiency problems with a genetic basis. A group of Sicilians who cannot eat fava beans and a group of North American aboriginals who cannot eat maize (corn) are two examples. And then, Celiac disease is a more well known additional example. Food is a source of a lot of problems for humans and it is not very well researched. The assumption is made wrongly, that just because a food has been eaten for centuries then it is a good food. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If you have decided that you are going to begin a quitting routine to eliminate an unwanted behaviour, then one of our recommendations is for you to look into the Pain Relief Diet as a source of a clean, wholesome diet that can help your immune system deal with the stress of withdrawal behaviours.

Key Point to Remember
Withdrawal symptoms from drugs cigarettes etc., are very similar to the effects that bad foods have on physiology. Headaches, loss of concentration, foggy light headed lack of focus, bowels don't work properly, irritability, feelings of anxiety or depression, general malaise, just feeling down in the dumps, all are signs of food born problems as well as addiction symptoms. Freeing up the immune system from food overload, and poison-food attacks, is the smart way to deal with the regime of addiction withdrawal, no matter what kind of addiction. The Pain Relief Diet as taught by Dr. Ouellette is a marvellous way to fast track improvement and it helps you weed out symptoms that you are causing yourself with food.

Dr. Ouellette's standard procedure is to have a client's lifestyle measured with the Canadian Holistic Online Consultation at www.TheQ.ca then counsel on lifestyle improvements that accomplish all the Action Plan items in the Report of Findings delivered over the internet.


We have a special unique approach to quitting that can be used with any other programs or therapies you like.

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